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The couple fancied themselves wine enthusiasts and enjoyed trying new, random wines every weekend. He said it was perfect for a romantic night in. She picked up the bottle tumblr examined it. April had never heard of it before, but that was what made trying different big so boobs.

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Plus, if a sommelier was recommending it, it had to be good. She read the description. April thought the description was unusual; after all, she knew that full-bodied wines were almost never sweet or light.

Curious to try it, she poured herself a small glass and gave it a taste. April was amazed; the wine was absolutely fantastic.

It naked the candy sweetness of a dessert wine but lingered on your tongue like a good Merlot. She immediately poured more into her glass and took a sip. April could not believe how good it was. After only a couple drinks, April began to feel drunk. She normally had a pretty high tolerance for alcohol, but this one seemed to go straight to her head.

It felt as though she was floating through a sea of pink bubbles.