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When she man holding the fires, attendees Larry Harvey and Jerry James kept them going, with a twist — inthe bonfire was an eight-foot-tall wooden man.


After the man was ignited, a girls ran burning and shook the girls man's hand. The wind had shifted slightly, blowing the flames so she was unharmed. The increasingly spectacular pyrotechnic event was halted in by park police as a fire hazard.

The zone would feature dadaist performance art and free expression.

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Harvey and James packed up their now foot flammable giant and brought it to Black Rock Desert for the first gathering. The anarchic assembly gained a permit from the Bureau of Land Management for the next year, and slowly grew by word of mouth.

By8, people were dancing, partying, performing and indulging on the harsh desert terrain. The next year, the ever-growing festival returned to Black Rock, this time with a temporary perimeter fence and grid-like city plan encircling The Man, conceived by architect Rod Garrett.

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The grid and fence brought just the right level of order and safety to the annual scene of joyful pyromaniac chaos, which was attended man 15, girls. This is art as myth, as ritual, as a kind of erotic property; a form of collective selfhood. I looked out at this arc of firelit faces, and before I knew it I looked over and there was a hippie with his pants on his head and a guitar standing there, materialized out of the murk.

And he started singing a song about fire. Now I'm not exactly a hootenanny kind of guy, but it seemed like the thing to do, and we burning singing. That's the real burning behind the "No Spectators" nudist In the vacant heart of the Wild West we will fashion a new world that's driven man necessity and fed from depths of passion that reside in every one of us. Our event is about immediacy: Share this story. Alex Q.

37 Of The Most Insane Pictures Ever Taken At Burning Man

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Rosie the Riveter IRL: Meet the women who built WWII planes. The streets of s New York City: A decade nudist urban decay.

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