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Photos of Real girls from Cambodia I picked this girl up at one of the freestyle bars in Phnom Penh, and it was obvious from the start she was a little bit of a crack head you can tell by those poses.

Day 1: Cambodian Girls and Taxis

We went to a short time room pics as soon as we got in the door she unzipped my pants and put my sweaty cock inside her mouth. Her lips felt great, and she worshipped my cock like it was the tastiest thing she's ever eaten. After a few minutes she stood up, undressed from her sundress and tank top and went into the bathroom to shower.

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That's when I started taking some photos. Definately candid photos, but you can see all her pretty parts. I particulaly liked her hairless asshole and soft pics pussy! Her anus looked like someone had done a great job training her, it was wrinkled like it had been stretched by cock.

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I licked her soft pink box and father fucking young daughters while she sucked my cock n 69 position. After about 5 minutes she turned and put my bare cock inside her snatch! For a second I thought about fucking this teen bareback, then came to my senses and put on a rubber.

I pounded her small body like I was drilling for oil, holding onto her ribcage and watching those perky tits swing wildly. It wasn't more than 10 minutes that I was ready to blow, and pulled out and ripped off the condom. This girl knew what to do, and wrapped her lips around my throbbing meat and played with my balls.

I shot a HUGE load inside her mouth, practially filling it up. She eagerly gulps and swallowed her salty meal, softly caressing my balls as the sperm made it's way to her stomach. Total cost: Short time 2 This sexy little bird I picked up at a disco.

I can imagine this one has put many a man under her Khmer black magic spell, as I was almost brought down by this petite curvy vixen. She was a curvy 22 years old, D cup girl, chocolate brown and maybe 4'10" cm tall.

Good thing I know how to counter act Khmer black magic After dacing we left together in a rickshaw back girl my place. I knew it would be a wild time when she immediately painted the side of the carriage with vomit, declairing she was drunk and falling into my arms. The 10 minute ride back to my place took 10 minutes too long When we got in the room she stripped down naked and curled under the covers, no shower or anything.

I figured what the hell and curled up next to her, my hard cock rubbing up against her tiny chocolate ass. After spooning for girl moment against her warm body, I pulled down the covers to see what she had going on. Her body was amazing, luscious natural tits and a small little ass. But I wanted to fuck this Khmer goddess so nud nothing else mattered. I spread her asscheeks and looked at her puckered hairy asshole.

Her cambodia and ass were fragrant from all the dancing and I had to go in for a taste. Her Cambodian pussy moistened up immediately, and receptively accepted two fingers as I licked her clit. She was now moaning, her legs flopped open and that winker pulsating uncontrollably. I took this cue ands rubbed my bare cock against her sopping wet cunt.

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Her pussy was so kaley cacau, and the cambodia of my cock easily entered her hole. I nud to think about a condom when she shifted her ass slightly, causing the entire head of my cock to disappear into her hungry wet nud. We rocked back and forth and made sweet love, with those drumstick brown legs high and ready for breeding.

In my drunken state everything was a blur. I looked down and asked if pics wanted me to pull out and she could only moan, holding me deep inside her. Her pussy was contracting and I shoot a hot load deep inside her womb. We fell asleep together with my softening cock still wedged deep, cambodia my potent sperm inside her. We slept for another couple of hours. I awoke to hear her rustling around in free hardcore cheerleader porn pics bathroom, so I groggily rose and went to check on her.

She was on the toilet peeing, a hazed look in her beautiful eyes. She came out of the bathroom and started to dress, and I took that as my cue to get my wallet. I love Cambodia.

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