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Yes, modeling is a real job—an actual profession that takes hard work and real skill. Yes, it's a problematic industry that often fosters sexism, racism, and body issues. But if we're going to punch it, let's punch at the industry itself, and not the models doing their jobs. If you haven't seen the headlines, year-old model Hannah Davis has landed the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover. The image has courted controversy due to Davis's low-slung bikini bottoms, which some media outlets and bloggers are fake hang much too low, verging on the pornographic.

And Davis has done the rounds "defending" the image as not that big of a deal, hanna Washington Post reports. Cindy Boren at the Washington Post wrote:. Despite glaring evidence to the contrary on the cover of nude Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, is the year of the torso. Jenice Armstrong at Philly.

Er sweetie. If you think it's your torso that people are talking about, then you need an anatomy lesson. Get it?

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There's no way Davis is savvy davies to redirect the conversation; she's just stupid. Business Insider deems this cover possibly the most scandalous yet, including admonishments from some Twitterers for Davis to "cover her vagina":.

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Do you see her vagina? But my issue with some of this criticism is one, that it's not really pointed at Sports Illustratedwho does this every year without fail, on purpose, be it with asses or Barbie or boobs.

Two, it's that this all seems like low-hanging fruit, pun intended. For one, this cover hanna happened before plenty over the yearsas recently asUS Girl haveing sex with her mom on porn notedwhen Bar Rafaeli yanked down similarly:. Funny or Die 's Matt Klinman took this pointed critique one step further by publishing a faux interview with Davis herself examining how she pulled off the lucrative cover win:.

SI Swimsuit Model Hannah Davis So Good at Almost Showing You Her Pussy

How did you do it? Thanks so much! This is very exciting. I think the main reason I got the cover is because in my photo I made it look like I'm about to show you my pussy. By making it look like I'm about to show you my pussy, I thought that would get people thinking about having sex with me and that's a sure fire way to a successful swimsuit photo.

I thought about doing something else like squishing my boobs in a hot way or making you look at my ass, but then I decided that to win this year I should make it look like I am about to show you fake pussy.

You can never be sure if that is going to work but I thought it was a good shot because I'm a professional.

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My biggest trick is to pull down the bottom part of my bathing suit. Because my pussy is in there, if I just pull it down a little bit I can trick your mind into thinking I'm about to show you my pussy. It's like an nude illusion davies I'm the one doing it instead of a hologram, like normal.