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This is a group that highlights the softcore fetish of wedgies through videos art, drawings, 3D renderings, photographs, videos, girls or literature featuring girls receiving wedgies. If seeing girls' underwear stuck between their butt-cheeks wedgie your kind wedgie thing, this is the fetish group for you!

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Every student, even those with no superpowered three-star uniforms has been encouraged to hunt the dangerous girl down. Most have failed, of course, because they foolishly try to take her down by charging head on, not even stopping for a moment to think of a good plan to defeat her.

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You, on the other hand, know better than to confront a girl who can stand her ground against President Satsuki Kiryuin without a strategy. That doesn't mean you are on Kiryuin's side, though. In fact, you're a big fan of Ryuko's, and that's why you erotic mind control videos to fight her.

Some would say you're a pervert, but in a school where students are stripped of their clothes in a daily basis, your wedgie obsession comes across as pretty inoffensive. Specialty Folders. Random from Featured. Wonder Woman Atomic Wedgie sasionstrife 13 Mature content. Videos content. She swiftly got down on her haunches, swinging the mangled backpack off her shoulders. The motion sent pencils skittering across the sidewalk--she wasn't going to find them in this darkness.

Either the masking tape from the open drawer in class had been old and weak when she'd fixed the failing flap of cloth with it, or the sheer weight of the books in her bag had proved too much for the fix. She didn't have the patience to guess.

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She needed to move. She checked to see if her calculator was broken.