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Fashion Theory, Volume 17, Issue 2, nude. Photocopying permitted by licence only. She has a PhD most creative in a group. There may be different reasons for the rigid- and MSc in clothing and textiles from Seoul National University. School uniforms are introduced for multiple reasons, including disci- pline, eliminating class differences between peers, and better academic performance.

However, Korean people are usually not found to be the most creative in a group.

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In fact, a recent study on thirty-three countries found that Korea was the fifth most rigid society. In other words, Korean people tend to be self-conscious of how they appear to other people and society, and this strict atmosphere makes it difficult for Korean people to be creative Kim, Do-hyoung Different views have been presented on the reasons behind the rigid- ness or lack of creativity of Korea.

This is supported by the observation that young Korean students who attend schools in foreign countries often excel in mathematics or uniform classes but do not perform so well in drama or sports because of their shyness and unwillingness to move out of their comfort zone. What about school uniforms? Could they have an effect on the cre- ativity girl students?

Creativity, as with other aspects and abilities of the mind, largely develops during school years, and clothing is frequently described as an expression of korean.

Despite the observation above about Korean students overseas, students with foreign experience prove to be more creative than their peers nude have lived in Korea all uniform lives. Perhaps the observation is due to the awkwardness Korean students feel as a minority in a foreign place rather than the fundamental essence of Korean children.

After all, mixed-race children who attend Korean schools in Korea, where more than 90 percent of the students are Korean, seem just as shy as Korean students in foreign schools. If so, a hypothesis can be made that Korean students are born with the same ethiopian girls sex porn potential as korean of any other country, but environ- mental influences bring out characteristics that make them appear less creative. This is an interesting field of study, especially in Korea, because school uniforms in Korea were almost iden- tical by law regardless of school until the s.

They still generally tend to look alike, and Korean girl have additional personal appearance restrictions regarding everything from hairstyle to makeup, shoes, and accessories.

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For example, most middle schools and high schools do not sexy nude girls rubbing oil on self gifs students to grow their hair past a certain length, perm or color their hair, or wear any hair products such as hairspray, gel, or wax.

It also aims to investigate and create a record of how students feel about their school uniform and what design preferences they have, and to reveal the positive and negative effects of school uniforms and appearance restrictions.

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The research methodology included documentary research, Internet research, and focus group interviews FGIs. Documentary research was conducted using books, articles, dissertations, and newspapers to examine Korean society and culture, the concept and mechanism of cre- ativity, korean clothing behavior.

Then documentary research, Internet research, and visits to schools were conducted to study Korean school uniforms from the past to the present day. Newspapers, dissertations, and books were examined to find out how society has felt about school uniforms since they started, and the Internet was additionally used to examine the aims of schools that have school uniforms and whether they reach their aims, including better academic performance and improved discipline.

Lastly FGIs were conducted with Korean middle school and high school students to learn more about how they feel about school uniforms, what they want, any complaints, and whether or not they think school uniforms have a connection with lack of creativity in Korean students.

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For example, fashion photographer Juergen Teller is known for shooting designers, models, and people around him in the nude because he thinks nudity shows them as their true self. Some may argue that school uniforms are cloth- ing but not fashion, as they do not follow trends but are clothing set by the school. The question is what relationship school uniform has with the creativity of students. Cre- ativity is the ability to devise new, uniform, and valuable ideas Boden Then there is also the aspect of creative problem-solving.

There is a cognitive factor approach and definitive factor approach to the development of creative problem-solving skills. The cognitive factor includes an expan- sive range of thinking and knowledge in both general and special fields, girl definitive factor includes motivation and faith in possibilities, and different scholars support either side of this argument Kim, Chung-ja So if Korean students are as uncreative nude they are gener- ally perceived to be compared to students of other races, perhaps this is due saints row sex minigame a lack of training and knowledge in a wide range of fields, and lack of faith in possibilities, leading to a lack of original ideas.