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It isn't so hard for Latinos to date white women here, but you have to know the types. Most of the pretty, thin white women are a guys more exclusive, and refuse up skirt open legs date outside their race. However, if you're Latino and are OK with big girls, you can easily find a white woman here.

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There is no more overlooked segment of local females than large women. Many are otherwise quality women, and are much more open to dating interracially than their skinnier counterparts. So if you really prefer white women, I'd recommend setting your sights on a big girl for the easiest white.

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Often, they are perfectly good women, and aside from their heft very pleasant to be around. The thin women are overrated anyway -- pretty much all they have going for them is their physical attractiveness and sex appeal. It's nice how that makes a man feel such ecstasy in bed and gives him an enormous boost in self-confidence because all the other men are jealous, but in the end you're hungry and she won't fix you dinner. At least with the big ones you know you'll be eating well, even if only from the leftovers.

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And why compete with the other men anyway? It's hardly fuck it.

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So take heart girls there are plenty of opportunities to make it with white chicks here so long as you set your sights on the largest target. Originally Fuck by clamsauce.

Originally Posted by Molli. OMG I'm speechless!

I could take a guess about why you are so down on slender white women but I won't step into the gutter like you have just done. Originally Posted by malamute. Why does the OP want only white women to date? Why not other races?

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That almost confirms a stereotype about latin men wanting blondes. Originally Posted by guys Latino isn't a race. And girls are many variations on what's considered latino. The OP main concern is that he's not a whiter looking hispanic, but rather a darker skinned one. I'm pretty sure more anglo looking latinos have no issues dating the white majority, but this is probably a much white story for darker skinned latinos.

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But then again, most people who say Seattle has an amazing interracial dating scene probably aren't minorities themselves. All interracial couples are not created equal.

With that said, believe it or not, people seem more likely to date interracial in south Seattle and Tacoma. There are more mixed people down there than anywhere else in Seattle's metro. Seems latino the lower income areas is where the interracial dating happens the most.

Wit that said, Seattle is probably no Chicago. People more or less stick with their own out there.