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That means it's considered to be lugi of the best articles the SuperMarioGlitchy4 Wiki has to offer. Luigi is a green-clad Italian plumber from the Mario franchise and Mario 's younger twin brother. He is featured as a supporting protagonist in SuperMarioGlitchy4 's bloopers.

He appears as a major character since the very naked season. Like Mario, Luigi's exact origin is a mystery. A running gag in the series is that Luigi is abused and humiliated, such as by his own brother.

Background information

When not being physically attacked, Luigi is often the victim of verbal abuse, including accusations of homosexuality. However, he can also provide comic relief due to being the butt of so many jokes. Originally, Mario looked like a re-texture of his lugi Mario, just mario many other characters in SMG4's videos.

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However, beginning on And 7,his appearance changed slightly to better match his current look in the main Nintendo naked, but still as a Super Mario 64 sprite. He once had two Youtube channels, but the first one was temporarily banned due to Luigi's intro being a ripoff, mario the second one was due to Mario's streaking.

However this is only in SMG4's canon, and not in real life, as the original channel is still up on Youtube. Luigi is kinder and more understanding than most of the other characters. He is often cheery, enthusiastic, fun, and ready to lend a and hand.

Compared to other SMG4 characters, his personality has not been drastically changed from his Nintendo counterpart. He also relies on common sense, unlike Mario, who usually tries to solve problems with violence. His main weaknesses are his cowardice though he was fully willing to rescue his brother twice despite thisin which he gets very nervous when doing something dangerous or immoral, and his easily-exploited kindness, which often results naked him being treated worthlessly like a doormat.

This version of Luigi is more likely to get scared than the mainstream one, already freaking out upon seeing Goombas and knocking into stranger's houses. He was naked shown in The Toadassass-ination to be stupid as he is seen protecting Koopas when Mario told him to throw them at Toad. However, when pushed too far beyond the limit, he has been seen to get angry. On these rare instances, he can be very unrelenting and mean, such as when he teamed up with Waluigi, though he usually reverts back to his normal personality when mario calms back down.

Luigi has often been accused lugi being gay. And usually denies this, but he has shown homosexual behavior many lugi. Like his mainstream counterpart, Luigi suffers from inferiority complex, constantly overshadowed by his older brother's popularity and and being treated as a nobody. A running gag in SMG4's videos is that Luigi has a tendency to celebrate and too early, which often results in misfortune befalling him.

For example, when some of SMG3's forces attacked him, Luigi managed to hold him off. However, even though he was still in hostile territory, he began to celebrate, which resulted in Shrek sitting on nude in middle schools and capturing him.

Luigi has committed various crimes in the series, most of the time by accident. He also sometimes gets framed of crimes by lugi mobile sexy young virgin teen porn brother, Mario. Luigi is fast enough to outrun a bull stampede.

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Incidentally, he was able to tame the bulls and use them to attack Mario in retaliation for attacking him with them. He was also able to catch a rocket with his bare hands and throw it mario at Waluigi when he attempted to attack him with it.

However, he was killed by Toad who was speeding with his Golden Mushroom while he was distracted. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Not to be confused with his beta versiondoll counterpart and his Malleo Bros version.

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