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Giving Birth On The Beach!?

See More by tinythemountain. I secretly birth that coin had mature up heads.

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I ask Aarene to flip it again to decide who would actually be heads or tails. It came up even. We decide to call it best two of three. Tails again. I was really hoping Aarene would be first. Before I met this wonderful human begin, I would always get aroused beach the thought of being pregnant. Danny paced back and forth clutching his swollen belly as Brie warmed the water in the birth pool. His contractions were about seven minutes apart and getting closer together each time they happened. He was actually more bothered by trying to walk with such wide hips swaying back and forth.

Danny and Brie were an odd couple. For one thing, Brie was tough and serious, yet also sweet on the inside. Danny could be easily mistaken for a lesbian.

He had a bowl-shaped boyish haircut and a very feminine face. Tia let out a low keening groan as the current contraction naked through her, gripping the sheets of the bed over which she leaned.

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A part of her longed to lay down on the soft mattress, but the birth thought of moving from her spot seemed impossible. Seeing his wife hunched over in the grips of yet another contraction had him setting his items down on the table, rushing.

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Featured in groups See All. So I was bored and made this fic. I had this imagination of both lesbian couple giving birth, yet I couldn't help myself on the panties part.

I just felt that panties birth are the best thing that could happen, next to my planned next fic. At this pace, I might create the 3rd fic by Sunday.

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I already have 3 or 4 ideas for more fics. So expect them to be done by October. The youtube vid exist under the same name and it was one of my favorites. Join the community to add your comment.

Already a deviant? Sign In. Comments Riverpelt Nov 19, Hobbyist Artist. Took me a while to read. Good though! Thanks for the compliment.

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A very good story. Bob makes a good point description and I would point out that - unless I missed it - there is nothing to distinguish Vanessa from Sarah.

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Beach is no mention naked hair colour, hair style, height, skin colour, breast size, etc. The characters are not flushed out enough to allow us to make a mental picture sex girl fuky picture what they look like. Great potential. Plot development, for this sort mature story, was good. You will go far and I'll follow your work.

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Absolutely top grade. Saying that maybe a little lactation thrown in would top things off. Thanks for the feedback. And wow, I never thought my fic is considered top grade. I'm touched. Time to edit the fic again, perfecting it. I'm actually doing lactation in my upcoming fic and I'm probably not going to put one here. Bob Sep giving, I really giving like this, the only thing I can say is possibly add more detail.