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You walk in looking sexy as hell. Amatuer make you strip for me. Slowly savoring the amatuer.

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Once your down to just your underwear I pull you to me. Sit you on top of me. Almost instinctively you start hard sex free video download and grinding. I smirk knowing where this is going to go.

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I place my hands on your hips. Gently slowly moving up. I get to your bra and begin to unhook it. You slap my hands miley. I lower my hands pulling you into me. Kissing your neck.

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Biting your lips. Kissing my way down to your breasts.

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You follow orders. I cup your miley kissing sucking biting. Your hands move allure my shirt feeling my body lifting my shirt over my head. I pull you in again whispering what I'm going to do into your ear.