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Your Mom's House Podcast #436 Tracy Kiss The Benefits Of Drinking Semen

Son's Point of View It happened like this: Two days before New Year's, I had returned full to stay with my Mom and my younger brother. For the previous three years, I mostly lived out of state in a college dorm. My brother was living at home while attending his first year at a local college.

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And, my 45 year old Mother was busy running her fancy Italian restaurant. Sounds like a typical family, right? Working mom with two sons in college, and everyone lives happily ever after. Strangely, as I came to find out, things weren't as they seemed.

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In fact, we're pretty far from what most people would consider 'normal. The full sounds of the rain falling almost put me back to sleep. My attention shifted when I heard footsteps down the hall, outside my room. I figured it was my brother going to the bathroom. But then I noticed the steps going back and forth, as if someone was pacing in the hallway. Since my door was closed, I didn't know what was happening. Then I heard my Mother's voice. It came just as the rain was fading, so I was able to hear her clearly. The footsteps ended at Mom's room.

My first thought was that they were planning some sort of surprise for me. I would graduate from college soon. Maybe they planned to start the New Year off with a bang sexy naked bed shot acknowledge the upcoming milestone. Curiosity got the better of me and I put my ear against the door. There was nothing, no noise whatsoever.

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The talking had ceased. I noticed a soft light in the hallway, under the bottom of my door. Something was definitely going on. Now, I'm not usually the nosey cum. But this was very strange. Why would Billy walk quietly to Mom's room in the middle of the night? And why would Mom want to keep it a secret? Unable to resist, I opened my door to check it out.

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All I heard was rain outside. Coming from Trailer trash porn tubes open door, I noticed a dim light, and stepped into the hall. At that very moment, Moms heard something that forever changed all of our lives: You'll wake your brother. Consider yourself lucky that I'm even doing this for you.

Thank you. Did Billy really just talk about his 'dick' to Mom without getting smacked in the head? Any other time, Moms would have faced cum for using such language in front of our Mother. But now, it was acceptable? Was it a medical issue? I wondered.