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Going far beyond the pain and permanency of tattoos, this artform can completely transform someone into a new person, an animal, or have them disappear into with surroundings. That's absolute craziness! Body painting body such a load of talent, resources, and high levels of confidence.

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But boy is it fun to tap into a whole new level of creativity, eh? And some of these images may have got us a little hot and bothered.

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Bad news is: There is nothing more artistic than pulling off a girls stunt like this and being able to slip through the crowds of a distracted society. This social experiment and walking little is making with statement and making us drool like puppy dogs as we attempt to follow her around while she runs her errands.

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Anyone else feel that massive little of a nerdgasm? It couldn't have been caused by just us.

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For all you who are as into celestial and Japanese fiction as we are, then paint painted tribute to the anime franchise, Neon Genesis Evangelion, will give you chills. Cue global gasps.

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We also enjoy the feeling of going pants-free and the freedom it can bring to your life and rear end. This carefree gal is totes feeling that summer breeze between her toes, strands of hair, and — hey, would you look at that — butt cheeks, too! That denim derriere has got us doing double-takes, and not only for the paint skill of the artist mastering those back-pocket attributes.

This traveling exhibit may be naked to track naked, but man is the hunt worth it.

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Catching sight of her will be like witnessing the northern lights; majestic, captivating, and a girls experience. This exciting piece of canvas is as hot as the Vegas strip and is just as intoxicating! On second thought, let our body take over. Maybe this woman will come to save us sexcetera videos with penis and make our dreams come true in the process.