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Saw this in school in ireland.

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What a surprise and the teachers were shocked and ran out of the room to have a meeting. I believe she was 18 by the time the movie was released. Juliet, in the story was around 14 ish. I was even more surprised to hear of this scene which really made it better. For boobs saying she was 18 when the scene was shot, you are wrong.

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She even admitted to being 16 in the scene. This was definitely my favorite scene in any movie that I ever shot. She was definitely one of a kind.

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Bro my teacher showed us gif in class and the girl next to me went absolutely apeshit during this scene. My teacher, Mrs. Phillips, showed boobs to our 6th grade class in so we would have been about 11 years old. She was beautiful and to begin seeing her topless made it priceless. I was 14 when I first saw this movie. The 2nd time I saw it, it was late night on a school night in my Jr year in high school and stayed up til 2am watching.

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Olivia Hussey nude - Romeo and Juliet Olivia Hussey in nude scene from Romeo and Juliet which was released in She shows us her tits. Olivia Hussey Movies: Romeo and Juliet Tags: When I watched teens naked black teens or in class I had a very thick and hussey boner.

She was only like 15 then and got such angelic face and plumb tits. Hard Boi:. When i was in class i started touching myself when this scene came on. We watched this in class it was funny olivia the teachers face when she saw that.

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My cock was throbbing hard I never seen olivia before!! This movie was rated PG? Geez if it was that brief it should of been at least PG Knight Wind:. Ah this brings back so many memories.

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Super Saiyan Goku:. My Dick was so hard when we watched at school. Fbi open up she was 15 in this clip. Wait in you can smash at gif hmmm.

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Olivia Hussey:. Im trying my best as we shoot on the movie and please pay some respect. In france the legal age is Really good made me happy and gave me a stiffy.

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Missed this scene in class becuase I went to the damn bathroom. It always annoyed me hat he was more nude than she was. My fucking teacher skipped this shit in class smh, was the hussey part of the movie. Luckily for me, I sat in the back of my class when we watched this.