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Translate Email Print. Fuck You Studio 2. Rotten To The Core Live 3. Hammerhead Live 4. Use Your Head Live 5. Electro-Violence Live 6. Fuck You Live 7. Hole In The Sky Live 8. Rotten To The Core Fatal If Swallowed The Answer Fuck You Studio [Originally performed by Subhumans Canada ] You call us weirdos, you call us crazy Say what you want, say we're lazy Say we're just the violent type Kind of dumb you know we're not too bright We don't care what you say Fuck you!

You tell our friends we're really sick Long-haired fags on a comedy trip And you should know cause you're so cool You're number one, you're nobody's fool We don't care what you say Step on over baby jump right in This is one game that everybody's in Don't care where you been, I don't care how you look It's all fire you, really gonna cook We don't care what you say A violation tragedy! Locked deep within a chamber, dark recesses of my mind A tribute to insanity! Accusations nominal! So take a look, read a book, reach a new plateau!

album: "Fuck You And Then Some" (1996)

But stain the soul a life you took, you know fuck what I know. Fallen angel seeking adventure, new romance. How dare you touch you take the soul Of one so overkill so The violation tragedy Took all she had that Recite the testimonial, truth and nothing more.

Rot rot, rot rot, rot Rot rot, rot rot, rotten! To the core!!! Hammerhead Live Feeling the pain as it rips through my brain Twisting whats left of my mind. Lyrics the same, this blood burning flame Decaying all it can find. Selena gomez full naked nude your head, stuck in the dread, Leaving the posers behind. Powers you see, the power you need Nerves and bones we grind. Knocked to the floor, left wanting more. Scars decorate your face Playing the game, your never the same The heat is melting this place Emotion and fire!!

Fuck You Lyrics by Overkill

Knife in the back, guitar heart attack Murder, rest my case. Hammerhead Hammer! Hammerhead No one can stop, our overkill to the top! No one can get in the way Necksnapping force, taking its course.

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Keeping you dogs at lyrics. Nailed to the wall, giving your all We know that you ain't dead. We know your name, know why fuck came Your a fucking hammerhead. Use Your Head Live Set in overdrive, makin' money on the side.

Lookin' for some dirty action. Leave 'em on the floor, Leave 'em wantin' more. Use it for the prime reaction. Workin' like a dog, Tired cold, and bored. Stimulate me to satisfaction. Alcohol and sluts, Pull me from my rut, Second only to the attraction. Got a lot to learn.