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After her park she became a mercenary.

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Nima was born on Isla Nublar as part park the Tun-Si tribe who had lived on the island for thousands of years. She was raised by her father, a spiritual healer. Inher people were forced to abandon their home after the island was loaned to InGen by the Costa Rican government. InGen hired mercenaries to force the native populace off the island; among them was Oscar Morales. Some of Nima's people tried to stop them, but any resistance was crushed.

Nima became distant from her father, who eventually died a broken man, and went on to nima a daughter of her own, Nima.

With no financial support from InGen or the government, Nima and her people were forced to live in extreme poverty. Meanwhile, InGen was building a dinosaur theme park on their ancestral home. ByNima was a professional smuggler and, because of her intimate knowledge of Isla Park, was hired by Biosyn to retrieve Nedry's Barbasol can, containing dinosaur embryos which was lost park running mud in Jurassic Park.

She managed to retrieve the can, but was scared off by nima pack of Dilophosaurus and later attacked and bitten by a group of Troodon. Nima by the Troodon' s saliva, she is discovered by Gerry Harding and his daughter Jess after accidentally hitting her with their Jeep.

They take her in their Jeep and precede to the Visitor Center. Along the way, they stop to encounter a loose junior Triceratops and an angry alpha-femaleas well as a Tyrannosaurus rex. She remained unconscious from the nima throughout this encounter, but woke up shortly afterwards. She then takes Gerry park Jess Harding as hostages, after Gerry was questioning her on why she was on the island. Then she gets in a fight with Billy Yoder and when she is about to get punched by Billy, the T.

These deaths are considered non-canon, and will result in a game over. The player will then be allowed to park and try again. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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She speaks both Spanish and English fluently, often using them interchangeably in her nima. Contents [ show ].

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