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The tourist trappings of the window girls are vibrant and exciting but are less than private. When it comes to getting a slice of the action, not every man wants passers by knowing his business, particularly when the streets of the red light district are crowded out with walking tours, stag parties and holiday makers. The private house privehuis brothels of Amsterdam cater for men looking for a sex confidential experience in the city.

In our guide to the privehuis brothels we take a look at what you need to know before heading out of town. Private houses in the Netherlands are also known as privehuizen or privehuis brothels and are usually located outside of the city in quiet and discreet residential areas. They are usually much smaller than the larger venues and have half a dozen rooms with a handful of ladies working their books.

If you walked past them without knowing what goes on inside you would be none the wiser from the unassuming frontages. In fact, the only giveaway that these are places of business at all are usually a small nameplate indicating the house name and a symbol of the credit cards they take on the window. Private sex clubs or some of the larger brothels, most private houses are situated out of town and you will need to arrange a taxi to get to them or other public transport unless you have a car.

The house knows sex many tourists ask to be taken somewhere they can get a hooker so they get the extra business and the taxi driver cleans up.

Privehuizen: Amsterdam’s Secret Brothels

Unfortunately this means you end up picking up the bill for that commission when you settle up with the house. To avoid paying extra, ask to be taken to an address near the private house you are visiting and walk the rest of the way. Walk ins are welcome during business hours and you will need to ring the bell or knock to be admitted. You will be shown to a private waiting area by a hostess and, although most do not have bars as such, you will likely be offered a drink. You should note that private houses arrange this so you are alone as discretion is at the heart of how they operate.

It is unlikely in the extreme that you will meet another client during your visit. Image via Google Earth. Most houses have a menu from which you can browse the services and costs before home on what you are looking for. If this is your first time then it is recommended that you pay for a half hour up front and then extend the time if necessary.

Unlike in the red light district, an experience at a private house is less hurried and without the same time pressure. If you need or would like more time then you can extend this as required.

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Once you have made a choice on what you want, you will be shown a line-up of suitable girls specific to the sexy girls with rasts you have home the availability at the time. Some houses only have a handful of girls working whilst others may have up to a dozen on a busy night. If you see a girl you like the look of then remember her name as you will be asked about your choice when the line-up is over. Once you have settled on and paid for your time with the girl of your choosing then you will be shown to a private private with clean sheets where you can take a shower to freshen up first.

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This is good etiquette as well as hygienic for the girl in question. You may be lucky and your choice of hostess will join you in the shower. If you finish within this period then you are at leisure to fill the time how you wish. Some girls will even allow a second service if you are up for it.