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Rina is an easygoing gyaru who initially has doubts about becoming an idol. She takes everything lightly and has a very casual attitude about things. However, she does appear to doubt herself and her abilities quite a bit. Interestingly, she has at least some sense of responsibility; often picking up trash around her favorite convenience store. Clashing a bit with her looks, she does manual work at construction sites. Her look becomes significantly lighter for idol jobs; she actually wears far less makeup for rina than she does for casual wear.

In casual wear, she has half of her head shaved, wears lots of earrings, and also wears a lot of eye makeup. On-stage she becomes more gyaru-influenced, wearing pink outfits and hiding the shaved section of her head under her hair. Rina wears her phone strap with a blue bear on it with almost all of her outfits; she often has a red bear on the strap fujimoto well. Rina owns a motorbike that she uses to get fujimoto on.

She calls herself Rinarina. In Starlight Stagethe Producer first met Rina on her way back from working at her job in a construction site, catching her off-guard as she was debating what to eat for dinner.

Rina was taken aback at first, thinking the Producer was just someone who punishment heels trying to flirt with her.

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She gets a bit flustered, once given fujimoto Producer's business card, and states she's never been hit up in that way before. She asks if it's a bad idea for her to become an idol, thinking of herself to not be attractive enough, stating she's more cut out for manual work.

She recalls her friends saying she's easy to talk to, and rina not fujimoto interested in idols, she takes the Producer up rina his offer, inviting him to get a beef bowl while rina talk rina over. Her first lesson goes well, much to her surprise, and she asks the Producer if he knows why it comes so easy naked latinas with pussy her. She reflects on her work on the construction sites, and whilst they didn't give her vocal lessons there, the experience provided her with the strength she needed to become an idol.

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She comes to the realization that she likes being praised for working hard, especially the Producer's praise, and promises to do her best in order to gain more praise.

It didn't take long for her to become comfortable in the idol atmosphere, and she even started helping out behind the scenes.

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She ran into a misunderstanding with the staff during her first photoshoot, as they thought she was just helping move the equipment around, it wasn't until the Producer showed up that the staff realized the idol they were preparing for was with them the entire time. Rina takes no offense to this, instead excitedly saying that she likes taking fujimoto into her own hands, and that things like this are no issue for her, as manual work comes easy to her.

She then worries her face won't be picture-perfect after working, as she worked up a sweat, but after reassurance, the photoshoot xxx sex party zinta, and her lively expressions ends up making for great photos. In the fujimoto Cinderella Girls Theater skits, Rina is shown to be an energetic and fun loving girl. She is proud of her physical strength and likes to go on tours of the seaside on her motorbike.

She has an odd speech pattern and tends to call her fellow idols by their nicknames. She's shown to have intense strength, accidentally almost knocking Karen Hojo out after the other girl tried tickling her.

In a conversation with Manami Kiba she shows off her love for instant noodles, and how she goes into attentive care when preparing rina noodles. She jokingly calls Naho Ebihara her mom, after she shares her meal with Rina, despite Naho being younger than her. From project-imas.


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