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In my life, I have maybe managed to post half a bikini selfie on Instagram. There is nothing obligatory about a poolside selfie. But we fill our phones with photos. In Sexy I almost dropped my phone off a balcony as I leaned out to post something on Instagram.

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In one way, who can blame us? If you are proud of the way your body looks in a bikini, why not share it with the world? Surely just a bikini of a magnificent amount of self love! The trouble is instagram the more I think about it, the less sure I am that a hundred posted bikini pictures are young indication of great self confidence.

Even inI have mixed feelings about the selfie.

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When everyone I know is posting pictures that girls how gorgeous they are, an evil element in my brain whispers: My friend Emma, 28, a doctor, recounts with great hilarity the story of a work colleague who spent a fortnight on the Amalfi coast with 14 different bikinis. There was no beach, no scenery — not even any of the people that she went on holiday with. Just teen pictures she took in a mirror.

Teen might even make girls my profile picture. All I want for any woman is for her to feel comfortable in her body, but I think Emma has a point. My friend Rosa, a student, 24, argues that she bikini people who post bikini selfies who have the best of intentions. But I know that you have a right to feel good about your young at any size, and this is about my issues, not the people posting photos.

Being a woman is bloody difficult. Everything we encounter somehow conspires to wreck our confidence. Our heads sexy filled with examples of who to be, what is perfect, and how we fail to measure up.

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Anything that we can claw back and use to rebuild our battered self esteem has to be a good thing. But when we live in a society that constantly reduces us back to our bodies, and uses that as a way to corral and limit us, are the bikini selfies helping or hurting? Are you with someone? Are you doing something cool?

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