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That's where softcore pornography movies in—a. Softcore porn was big in the '70s, '80s, and '90s. It appears to be slightly harder to find these days, but it's still possible to watch some vintage classics—as well as some great new material. May we suggest starting with these?

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Want some comedy with your sexy times? Try sexy brown chocolate sex comedy Fairy Taleswhich follows a prince who gets a woman as a gift for his 21st birthday because sure. The prince is supposed to make all kinds of sexy times with the woman and put an heir in her womb, but he struggles with erectile dysfunction when it comes time to do the deed and realizes that his sexual attraction is focused percent on a long forgotten princess whose picture is hanging on his wall.

So, he does what any lead in a medieval sex comedy would do and goes on a sex quest to find and offer intercourse to the princess from the painting. If soft interested in one of the more modern offerings in the softcore genre, 's Touch Me Not is a great option. The movie is part documentary, part fiction and follows a filmmaker Adina Pintilie as she engages with a group of character for a personal research project about intimacy. If you like your softcore jollies with a heavy dose of camp, then 's Bikini Jones and the Temple of Sara jay first sex represented here with its foreign release DVD cover because the art is so much better than the English cover art is for you.

The plot revolves around Dr.

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Bikini Jones played by Christine Nguyenan archaeologist in the tradition of Indiana Jones, of coursewho steals a golden idol that happens to be the key to the Temple of Eros. Bikini Jones faces off against her arch nemesis, the appropriately-named Evilla Cruella, for control of a magic Tiara that makes its wearer the supreme ruler of the country Moronica. The Emmanuelle movies are a series of French softcore porn movies that follow a woman who wants to amp up her sex life.

The original also called Emmanuellewhich debuted inwas actually the first X-rated movie distributed in the USA shout out to Columbia Pictures. It should be noted that.

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No softcore porn is more classic than Red Shoe Diariesa Showtime series yes, okay, this is a TV show, not a movie about various women's sexual exploits—narrated by none other than X-Files star David Duchovny. The episodes are equal parts hilarious, iconic, and sexy. Long story short: A man having an affair won't leave his wife for his mistress. The good news? Winner of "Most Sensual Softcore" at the Feminist Porn Awards, this film features eight men, each of whom represents a different sexual fantasy.

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Take your pick. Nothing like some late '90s softcore porn, right? Eyes of Desire is about a photographer who explores some casual sexual taboos whilst staying in a "hillside soft. The film centers around "Executive Relief Consultants," which—as you may have guessed—is a special service for businessmen and women hoping to improve things in the bedroom.

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Christine's Secretreleased inis a Femme Productions classic. This Italian erotic film also known as Forever Emmanuelle and Laurais about a woman who goes movies an archaeological soft in the Philippines that turns sexy. Aphrodite sometimes styled ' AphrOdite ' — get it?

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Emphasis on the 'O'is a French-Swiss film based on the novel Soft The plot is simple: A group of people visit an island and engage in all kinds of sexy times. Type movies s to search. Today's Top Stories. RM Auctions. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Manekino Film. Sinclair Institute.