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The party was a house party.

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Ass seemed so petty for him to be upset, and even more so for me to be annoyed with him. You know the type — loud music, Solo cups of beer, and somebody doing something drunk and stupid before the end of the night. At some point, my friend had occasion to use the bathroom. When he went into the bathroom, he was disgusted to see that the hostess had left a basket of menstrual hygiene products on the counter for guests to use if needed.

When I suggested that she was just making them available in case someone needed them, he insisted they could be left in the cabinet or under the counter. Out of sight, anyway. A man walks into the bathroom and sees a reminder that people have periods. He wants that evidence hidden away because it offends his senses. How dare the hostess so blatantly present tampons and pads where a man might see them? Someone who gets a period walks into the bathroom and sees that the hostess is being extra considerate. They get it. The feeling of horror because they're probably wearing something they don't want ruined — it is a party after all.

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Or they desperately need a tampon, but their purse or bag is in a room where a couple is not to be disturbed. Maybe they don't know the hostess well enough to ask if they can use one. Or they don't know anyone at the party well enough to ask. Or they figure they can make do with some wadded up toilet paper or something. The person who just walked into the bathroom? They're either going to see that the person throwing the party is super considerate or they're going to be whispering mens to Jesus, Krishna, and whoever else is listening" because that is a basket full of social saviors.

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After all these years, my friend has probably forgotten, but I never have. As a person whose life is partially governed by a fickle uterus that can ruin an evening faster than a submerged iPhone, his story has stuck with me. How can you be so offended by a small gesture that has zero effect on you, but could make such an enormous difference to the person who needs tampons Disney World might be the Happiest Place on Earth, but for one little boy, it took a backseat to helping others.

Six-year-old Jermaine Bell had been saving up money to go to Disney World's Animal Kingdom park for his 7th birthday, asian nude blowjob gifs he decided it would be better spent helping those trying to flee from Hurricane Dorian.

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The hurricane is expected to hit South Carolina as a Category 2 storm, with winds of up to miles per hour. South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster ordered a mandatory evacuation for those living ass the coast of the Palmetto state, and the South Carolina DPS officials estimate aroundresidents and tourists have evacuated the state so far.

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The storm surge is the biggest danger, and Charleston has already experienced flooding. Bell stayed in Allendale, South Carolina about 90 miles west of Charleston and stood alongside Highway offering evacuees chips, hot dogs, and water. He held a handmade sign to let those trying to escape from the hurricane know he was there to help.

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On his first day out, which was Labor Day, Bell served more than people. Tampons he told CNN he served "a lot" more later on. Anyone who has been a stay-at-home mom knows that it's not easy. Mens many people who haven't been one assume that it can't be that hard. Tampons mean, what's tampons hard about taking care of a baby or a toddler or two?

Don't babies basically just lie there? Don't you have all kinds of free time while they nap? It's hard to describe what it's like to those who haven't experienced the near-constant demands of hands-on, full-time mothering. I've had multiple jobs in my life, from flipping fast food burgers to teaching in public schools, and nothing compares to being a mom.

Don't get me wrong, it's wonderful in a million ways, but it's friggin' hard. My kids are all in the double digits now, but I remember those early years of staying home with my wee wwe divas sex hoy and feeling totally and completely spent by the end of the day.

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Many moms I know lament that their husbands don't seem to understand why they are so exhausted ass "all they do" is mens stay home" with the kids all day. That's probably why this dad's photo of a steamy shower door has resonated with so many.