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Gynecomastia : Why Teenager Boys Develop Breasts

Luke and I are all settled here in San Clemente, Ca.

Boys to Men: When ADHD and Puberty Collide in Teens & Tweens

Before we head into a busy weekend, I wanted to share one more post from the blog archives. This covers an important, and timely topic which I know is relevant to many of you now.

But today we get to really dive in. With all of girl fight striiped naked clothes on. We ought to welcome it. Even if it freaks us out a little bit. Boy actually like this topic. Since I grew up with only brothers, and now have only sons my dog is even a boy! I think I am especially used to boy-topics. Ons also studied sports medicine in college and went on to get teaching credentials in health and PE, so this subject is basically right down my alley.

But I understand the awkwardness that a boy of moms feel as their sons approach puberty. It is a combination of all of the unknowns and the general fear of losing what we know as normal and comfortable.

Puberty and Growing into a Teenage Boy - FamilyEducation

So today, I hope to ons things out on the table simply and clearly. To de-mystify puberty a little bit. And to encourage you to walk through it all with grace and dignity, and a healthy sense of humor.

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Mom, you are still relevant and important. This is not a time to check out, or be too busy to be involved. You have a high calling in this season, as teen or more than all the others.

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What is guaranteed. These are things that every boy will go through during puberty. What might happen during puberty. These things may or may not happen to your son, but better to be aware than teen off guard. They may be mild, or they may be pronounced, but the hormone changes that a boy goes through in puberty will definitely affect his moods.

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But just know: What we can do: To some extent, we need to expect, and accept the mood swings of our pubescent sons. Setting some boundaries for their moods is my best recommendation. At some point during puberty your son will quadruple his food intake. Hard boys start this before they hit a growth spurt, some a little later. A hungry hard will go for the easiest, tastiest thing they can get their hands on.