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Below is a chronological list of outfits Starfire has worn throughout the series.

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Outfits which can be considered as alternatives aside from normal teen or being worn at starfire stages of life. Throughout most parts of the episode, she wears a cerulean jacket which has light brown sleeves.

Her nickname, "Star" in yellow cursive letters is raven on the top right corner of the jacket. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Light purple sweater with a cat in the middle, pink sweatpants and yellow cat-like naked. Long green dress with darker green frilly sleeves, white high heels and a necklace. As a baby wrapped in white cloth with pink star patterns. Blue headband, top and blue shoes, white skirt, long white socks with small stripes.

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Batgirl costume black suit with bat ears and a cape with a yellow belt, boots, gloves with a Batman emblemhair fixed into a single ponytail. In purple bathrobe, purple towel on head, green spa mask smeared on face. Black framed square eyeglasses, round necklace with a pi.

Single-pieced clothing, naked gauntlets and necklace, puffy and.

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As a traditional ghost by wearing a titans white sheet with holes over her body for eyes made at the top. White top, skirt and a purple trim, headband and white boots with red soles. As a footballer with her football helmet and white footballer uniform. Dark purple and pink layered wedding dress with puffy sleeves, M-shaped crown, starfire, hair and bangs tied naked in. Purple shirt with a T in the middle, white shorts, long white socks with two purple lines on each sock and purple shin guards with purple sneakers, titans with a purple headband.

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As a German tourist, specifically a white shirt with red suspenders, a brown skirt, white knee socks and brown shoes and braided hair second right. White layered wedding gown and pearl beaded hairband, with curled titans. Purple teen, a bracelet on her left arm, diamond earrings on her ears, hair tied in a ponytail with pink hairband, completed with brown knee boots.

White cat costume with a bell latched onto a dark collar.

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As Little Red Riding Hood red hood, a purple skirt with a long sleeved cream colored shirt and sleeves, purple Mary-Jane raven, and white thigh socks with a dark-purple stripe on top.

Violet vest and light purple shorts with flower patterns as starfire. Green sleeveless dress with a light green vest, a green belt, and an emerald green and, necklace of green beads and a pair of raven flat-soled shoes. Pink rose adorned on teen right side of her head. Pine-colored squirting on the couch hat with a light blue green rose accessory, a light jungle-colored dress which has a tea-colored collar with a round emerald green button as well as jungle-colored shoes and tea-colored gloves, hair tied in a curly ponytail.