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A middle school allegedly strip searched four young girls suspected of drug possession. On Jan. Unfortunately, our students shared that these actions have had the unintended consequences of making the students feel traumatized. The statement continued: School officials did not conduct a strip search. When students exhibit behavior that warrants further evaluation the district has an obligation to ensure their health and wellbeing, which may include physical and medical evaluation.

The statement continues: As part of the typical procedure, parents are contacted to inform them of the precautions and procedures that were taken. School middle acted in accordance with the board policy. We want to reiterate hot men and women naked no students were strip searched, nor were they punished as a result of the incident in question and they were allowed to return to class after being evaluated.

The safety and well-being of naked students is our highest priority.

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They should have been suspended immediately. This is a serious issue. These girls were sexually assaulted. The people involved should have been handcuffed, taken downtown and fired immediately. Four little black girls. Shame on you.

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I have children in your school district. Yahoo Lifestyle could not reach a representative of the Binghamton Police Department school comment.

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To have the district accused of such behavior is heartbreaking. Standard practice would involve rolling up a sleeve of a jacket or sweater in order to take blood pressure. Read more from Yahoo Lifestyle: Watch the videos. He did nothing wrong. It was in a room full of people and it young a normal kind of kiss that people young -- very almost formal on the cheek.

She had no case.

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