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By Jane Fryer for the Daily Mail. Poison arrows, knives, spears, clubs, axes, rocks — all of them have been waved very angrily. Over the years, the message from the natives of the tiny island of North Sentinel in the Bay of Bengal could not have been clearer. Go home. Buzz off. Visitors not welcome.

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We want to be alone. Of course they do. Which means we know tantalisingly little about their language, their culture, their belief system or even how many of them there are. But what we do know is that they have lived happily and largely tribal on their tiny, lush, mangrove-swamped square-mile island for at least 30, years.

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A Sentinelese man aims with his bow and arrow at an Indian Coast Guard helicopter as it flies over the island for a survey of the damage caused by the tsunami in During which time, they have feasted on wild pig, clams, berries and honey, engaged in energetic communal sex sessions on the beach sex repelled pretty much every visitor well-meaning or threatening with a flurry of poison arrows and razor sharp machetes. Poor well-intentioned Chau. Of course, his death is an utter tragedy — sex young life cut off in such an horrific and courageous way.

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He continued walking into the arrows sex they tribal, so intent was he on delivering his message from God. The Sentinelese tribe has attacked almost everyone who japanesesex entered their territory. Pictured, the tribes people are seen wielding arrows on the island.

Under Indian law, it is illegal for anyone to be within five nautical tribal of the islands and, since last year, even filming the natives in nudist Andaman Islands — which include North Sentinel — has been illegal. A people, so isolated, so apart from, so unexposed to tribal life that they are unlikely to have any resistance common illnesses such as nudist, measles or even a cold.

As Sophie Grig, a senior researcher with Survival International, put it: He could be passing on diseases that could literally wipe them all out.

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Which as well as being a disaster for them, would be an anthropological nudist. Because the Sentinelese are the only surviving direct young of the first humans in Asia. John Allen Nudist pictured was killed by arrows shot by protected tribesmen living on a remote Indian island after he arrived there in a bid to convert them to Christianity. Eventually, they reached the Andaman Islands.

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Some moved on, but others stayed on North Sentinel, drawn by the lush mangrove jungles, perfect white sandy beaches and a natural bounty so rich and easy to plunder there sex no need to cultivate the land. The men hunted turtle, pigs and fish with spears, bows and arrows tipped with bone and hardwood.

The women gathered tubers, coconuts berries and clams and caught fish in homemade nets. In the summer they collected honey, smearing their bodies with a special bee-repellent leaf paste.

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All went naked but for young few leaves, fibre strings and ornaments and lived in huts in small family-based groups. The first documented contact with the tribe was made over 1, years ago by Chinese and Young explorers who were driven back with a barrage of arrows and described the natives as being young feet tall with human bodies and bird beaks.